IU School of Medicine

Indiana University School of Medicine – Terre Haute (IUSM-TH)
is one of nine Indiana University School of Medicine campuses.  It is located on the campus of Indiana State University in Holmstedt Hall and at the Landsbaum Center for Medical Education next to Union Hospital.  IUSM-TH currently hosts 24 first-year, 24 second-year, 12 third-year, and 8 fourth-year medical students from across the state.  IUSM-TH now hosts third and fourth year medical students in the Rural Medicine Program, specifically aimed at training future physicians to go on to serve rural communities. IUSM-TH is dedicated to the advancement of health education and research in the Wabash Valley, the state of Indiana and beyond. We provide excellent opportunities for education to students of all levels and the general public.  We support development of novel and innovative therapies through state-of-the-art biomedical research.